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Learn How to Declutter Your Home With Professional Organization Tips

Day 4: Clear a shelf, any shelf. Keep five of your most display-worthy items, and donate the rest, or at least set them aside for storage but keep in mind that you're aiming to simplify, not end up purchasing a storage unit. Day 5: Take this day to strategize. Your bathroom counter? Your desk? All of the above? Make note of the spaces you want to declutter, and set deadlines for getting organized. Make boxes for keeping, donating, and storing — these will come in handy. Donate the items that no longer have value; and limit yourself to displaying only five things on each surface.

Getting rid of things you forgot you owned will clear up space for seasonal clothes and shoes. Day 9: Start at the bottom. Snap a picture, and then donate it. Remember that memories exist in your head, not in a piece of fabric. Day Put everything in its place. Organize tops by sleeve length, pants by type, and shoes by occasion.

Stow away any seasonal clothing bathing suits, heavy coats under your bed until it's their time. Day Tackle the Tupperware cabinet. And the technique is simple. Day Abandon your useless appliances.

How to get rid of CLUTTER and get ORGANIZED now! 🙌❤️ + GIVEAWAY!

Day Refresh your refrigerator, and your pantry. Get rid of all those random condiments you bought three years ago they expire , and spices that have seen better days. Day Now that you have all that extra space, clean off your countertops.

The importance of decluttering your space and mind | Management

Store all appliances, besides the ones you use daily, like coffee makers and microwaves, in your clutter-free pantry. Day Start with all those papers you have stacked up. Be wary when throwing away sensitive personal information and important records. If you need a cut-off date for keeping semi-important documents, a good rule of thumb is seven years the length of time lawyers are legally required to keep their own records. Day Empty out all of your drawers. Take stock of your supplies, and purchase drawer organizers that will fit the things you have.

How to Declutter Your Home in a Weekend Without Spending a Dime

Never buy storage containers before you know what you have to go in them. Empty and wipe down all of your drawers, shower caddys, cabinets, etc. The same goes for medicine and makeup.

Day Put like things together, and put them in their place. This may involve buying new drawer storage organization, but a clean bathroom is a happy life. Or grab a bag and toss in 10 things that are just taking up space in your home.

When the bag is full, donate it. Do it now.

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When you see somethings that needs to be picked up and put away, take a few minutes to do it now rather than later. Your future self will thank you. Act like an organized person. Who do you know whose home always looks the way you want your home to look? Next time you are about to toss something on your kitchen counter or table, ask yourself: What would [name of that person] do?

Get help. If you are struggling to clear clutter from your home, join my free organizing support group on Facebook. This is a private group where you can ask questions and get answers and be inspired to declutter, organize, and simplify your life. Being more intentional about what you buy is the easiest way to keep future clutter at bay.

Living with less stuff opens up physical and mental space and creates new opportunities for living on the less cluttered and more happy side of life! Yes, once we start having to think about whether or not to keep something, we question ourselves.

How to Declutter Your Home: 10 Creative Decluttering Tips

Donna, this is so well written. I think I follow most of your suggestions and have done so for years. Habits and consistency are keys to keeping on the straight and narrow. Thank you for your kind words, Elaine! And thanks for keeping me in the loop with your decluttering journey. Are you ready to take the first step toward a more organized life? Enter your email address to subscribe to Donna's blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Donna Smallin Kuper on March 24, at pm.

2. Don’t bring any new items into your home until the decluttering process is complete.