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The First Month

On All Saints' Day Christians remember all the saints and martyrs, known and unknown, throughout Christian history. Remembering the saints and dedicating a specific day to them each year has been a Christian tradition since the 4th Century, but in AD Pope Boniface IV decided to include all martyrs as well.

All Souls' Day is a day when Christians remember and pray for the dead, especially family members. On 1 and 2 November, Mexicans around the world celebrate the Day of the Dead Dia de Muertos when they pay tribute to friends and family who've died. Guru Nanek was the founder of the Sikh faith and the first of its 10 Gurus. He was born in the Punjab in Sikhs celebrate with prayers, the singing of religious songs and readings from the Guru Granth Sahib Holy Book. Free sweets and community meals are offered to everyone at the temples. Houses and temples are lit up for the festivities.

This is one of the nine holy days of the year when work is suspended. His birthday is one of the nine holy days of the year when work is suspended. He was martyred in He was arrested and executed in on the orders of the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, who tried to impose Islam on Indian Hindus and Sikhs.

The Darkness to Light Advent Procession at Salisbury Cathedral begins with the cathedral in total darkness, and ends with it lit by candles. Advent is the four week period before Christmas when Christians prepare for the coming of Christ.

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The word Advent means 'coming' or 'arrival'. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, which also marks the beginning of the liturgical year for Western Churches. Buddhist monks praying at Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, India, which is said to mark the spot where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. On Bodhi day Buddhists from the Mahayana tradition celebrate the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment. The tradition is that having spent six years living an extreme ascetic life, the Buddha formulated his 'middle way' philosophy.

Appendix 4: Fasting on Ashura | Understanding Karbala | netwdajutellfor.cf

He then spent time in deep meditation under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, India, where he achieved enlightenment and realised the Four Noble Truths. The ninth candle in the menorah is for lighting the other eight on the consecutive days of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a Jewish festival also known as the festival of lights. The story of Hanukkah is based on the so-called 'miracle of the oil'.

When they came to rededicate the Temple, they had only enough sacred oil to light the menorah seven-branched candlestick for one day. Despite this, the candles miraculously stayed alight for eight days.

Prayer Times Qibla Islamic Info

An eight day festival was declared to celebrate this miracle. The Yule log has its origins in Pagan times when it was the highlight of Winter Solstice celebrations. Yule marks the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year - when Pagans celebrate the rebirth of the sun. The lives of the ancient Celtic people were strongly influenced by the seasons and the Earth's position with regard to the sun.

The sun was vital for the cycle of life and was worshipped as a god. After the Winter Solstice, days start to lengthen and Pagans would celebrate the return of new life. Christmas celebrations traditionally start on Christmas Eve with Midnight Mass. Christian tradition holds that Jesus was born at night and Midnight Mass is a commemoration of his birth.

A nativity scene showing the shepherds who, according to the New Testament, visited the infant Jesus at his birth. Christmas Day is when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, whom they believe to be the son of God. Jesus's birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible. According to tradition, Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem shortly before Jesus's birth, as the Roman Emperor had ordered a census of the Jewish people, and all had to return to their place of birth.

When they arrived in Bethlehem the inns were already full, but an innkeeper allowed them to stay in a cave which he used for his animals. It was here that Mary gave birth to Jesus and laid him in a manger. On this day Zoroastrians remember the death of their prophet, Zoroaster. It's a solemn occasion devoted to prayer and remembering his life. His guidance yrs ago guides us till today.

His grandson was precious but Nabi didn't mention or encouraged anything , not even his own grave to be mourned at or celebrated. The arch angel Gabriel foretold of 2 martyrs to grieve for, Jesus and imom hossain, i weep for both, bless us all for the love of god ,amen. I don't understand how can people negate the Ahadeeth of Sahih Bukhari?

These people don't even know how the Ahadeeth were collected and how hard Imam Bukhari strived to ensure the most accurate hadith are recorded. Imam Bukhari was so strong in collecting Ahaadeeth that he would sometimes classify and remove his own collected Ahaadeeth on mere doubt that it could be da'eef weak hadith on which his student Imam Muslim recorded in his books based on Imam Bukhari's principle.

The practice of fasting Ahsura was done when Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu 'alaihi wa aalihi wasallam migrated Madina long time before the incident of Imam Hussain radhiAllaahu 'anhu. This fasting is a voluntary fast, but Shirk Associating partner with Allah is so grave that will never be forgiven! Quran is so clear on Shirk, yet we fail to understand??

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  • I am agreeing with it but there is something in it that I would like to elaborate on and that is. Because jews also fast on this day therefore in order to differentiate ourselves, we Muslims are being ordered to fast either one day before or one day after Ashura. BUT cooking something good on this day and bathing etc are , Suni Preacher says , very good. This hadith is not correct. Prophet Mohammad s. The tubah and repentant of Adam a. May Allah give the whole Ummah taufiq to follow the footsteps of our beloved Rasulullah and his faithful companions who followed him to the minutest detail.

    Unfortunately we are so divided on trivial isuues by making them so important forgeting our maqsad and the responsibility which Allah has shouldered on thus guiding and inviting people to the right path and forbiding them from evil. The whole humanity have rights on us to show them the truth. But we have to be truthful and sincere to our Deen first before we invite others. As they say if your house is on fire you have to put it off first before you go to your neighbours house which is also on.

    Religious Festivals and Holidays: October - December 2016

    Since it was recommended by Prophet Muhammad S. W fasting in this day of Ashura is Sunnah but not compulsory like Ramadan. May almighty Allah spare our life with good deeds and guide us to the right path. Fasting is good.. The beloved Prophet saw fasted every monday and thursday and most of his life.

    So from a health and spiritual point of view fasting is excellent so there nothing wroing if you fast on the 9th,10th,11th,12th of Muharram or whenever you want besides the eid days. Fasting has has blessings barakah. The beloved said dont make you stomach a container for diseases. If you believe that this Hadith is true and if you are.

    We should fast on this day since the Prophet peace be upon him told the Muslims to fast and NOT base this or mix this with other events, historical or otherwise.

    Shia Muslims mark Ashura

    As Muharram is among one of the sacred months three other sacred months are dilqaddha, dilhajj and rajjab and after reading about past on fasting this day.. Please correct me if I am historically wrong here. Didn't Sayyidina Hussein died after the passing away of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. And didn't the Prophet s. However the Ramadhan fasting is compulsory while the Ashura fast is optional. Listen Sister, nobody not even Sunnis deny history and the incident at Karbala.

    https://onusnire.ml In fact I have no slightest doubt on the villian in that incident. And Sunnis, most of them I would say love Hussein r. Then why keep on pointing accusations at us as though we, the Sunnis distorted history? Then we recite the same verses of the Quran. We drank the wondeful and delicious zam zam water.

    We put on the same attire, the simple white cloth. There was no faces of Sunnis or Syiahs then, only Muslims.