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The latest one I read, by Fr.

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Robert Slesinski, was published by St. Slesinski is a heretic or simply because he chose to publish his book with a schismatic printer?

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Personally, I think people give more attention to the imprimatur than it warrants. Going for the imprimatur tacks on more time before a book can be published.


Some places may not want to wait. It never meant more than in the opionion of the grantors, there was nothing against faith or morals in the contents. And I wonder how this could possibly be applied to the multiplication table or biological taxonomy.

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LOL, ok, well I will save this issue for the other thread. Sorry, I have been listening to too much Vin Lewis lately. Is there a list of books with the Imprimatur?

Traditional Catholicism. Cecilianus July 2, , am 1. Anyone know anything which could be helpful in this regard? That would be an incredibly long list.

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According to current legislation, its use is much more restricted and need not always be sought. View American English definition of imprimatur. Change your default dictionary to American English.

IMPRIMATUR: 20- The mysterious rondeau (on the theorbo)

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