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Washington Irving — American; short story writer, essayist, biographer, and historian. Dame Jane Goodall —present. British; primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist that studied social behavior and family interactions of wild chimpanzees. Canadian; cartoonist and animator that opened one of the very first animation studios in America.

Edgar Rice Burroughs — Adriana Caselotti — Hans Christian Andersen — Dutch; author. Wilbert Awdry — British; Anglican cleric and author of the Railway Series children's books. Laura Ingalls Wilder — American; author of the Little House On the Prairie children's books. Haim Saban —present. Israeli-American; media proprietor, film and television producer that adapted the Power Rangers series.

Abraham Lincoln — American; politician and America's 16th muggle President of the United States. Frances Hodgson Burnett — British; author and playwright. Pyotr Tchaikovsky — Russian; musician and composer. Harriet Tubman — American; abolitionist and humanitarian that was a scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War. Charles Dickens — Donald Pleasence — British; actor known for portraying Dr. Eleanor Audley — Socrates — B.

Greek; philosopher who co-founded Western philosophy. Boris Karloff — British; actor that was typecast in horror films, mostly with Universal Monsters.

Peggy Fleming —present. American; former figure skater. Olympic Champion of ladies' singles in Shotaro Ishinomori — Japanese; manga artist and creator of Cyborg manga and Super Sentai series. John Smith — Maya Angelou — American; author, poet and civil rights activist best known for her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Barnum — Magic Spells. A list of spells and their effects that haven't been featured in the Harry Potter Universe that seems appropriately fitting and deserving to be part of.

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The Cobweb Cushioning Charm Incantation: Aranea m olliare Light: copper Effect: conjures a large spiderweb to cushion the caster's fall. The Ear Cleaning Charm Incantation: Auris expolitus Light: vanilla Effect: cleans a person's ear of earwax and other variations; also self-inflicting. The Teeth Cleansing Charm Incantation: Dentesia procuro Light: mint green Effect: cleans a person's teeth of all dental problems; also self-inflicting.

The Gorgon Shield Charm Incantation: Gorgonus aspidus Light: sea green Effect: conjures a shield with a gorgon's head; also used as a protective ward. The Birth Control Charm Incantation: Imperium peperito Light: light blue Effect: prevents unwanted pregnancies in women for 72 hours; also self-inflicting.

The Magnetic Impervius Charm Incantation: Magna impervius Light: silver Effect: repels magnetic fields and manipulations against all ores Note: this is a variant of the Impervius Charm. The Pregnancy-Revealing Charm Incantation: Fordus revelio Light: baby blue Effect: reveals if a woman is pregnant via light blue glow in her uterus; also self-inflicting Note: this is a variant of the Revelio Charm and the "wizarding" version of a pregnancy test. The Reading-Glasses Translation Charm Incantation: Oculus transferus Light: cotton white Effect: charms glasses for wearer to read written texts in another language Note: this is a variant of the Translation Charm.

Human to donkey Incantation: Asinus Light: camel brown Effect: transforms humans into donkeys. Mouse to horse Incantation: Equitato Light: cream Effect: transforms mice into horses. Shoes to ice skates Incantation: Gelus soleus Light: morning blue Effect: transforms shoes into ice skates. Branch to snake Incantation: Serpenfors Light: moss green Effect: transforms tree branches, vines, poles, and rods into snakes.

Target to weasel Incantation: Mustelfors Light: beaver Effect: transforms objects into weasels.

Broom to guitar Incantation: Citharius Light: royal yellow Effect: transforms broomsticks into guitars and other stringed instruments. The Nose-Growing Hex Incantation: Nares mendacium Light: dark orange Effect: causes the victim's nose to grow every time they tell a lie Note: This is the "wizarding" version of a lie detector.

The Yodeling Hex Incantation: Laryngismus Light: generic viridian Effect: causes the victim vocalize yodeling instead of words for 5 minutes. The Belching Jinx Incantation: Irructus ejecto Light: asparagus green Effect: causes the victim to belch for 5 minutes. The Ear Enlargement Jinx Incantation: Spica incresco Light: khaki yellow Effect: causes the victim's ears to grow the size of a basketball. The Beatboxing Curse Incantation: Percussio vox Light: charcoal Effect: causes the victim to vocalize percussion sounds instead of words for 15 minutes.

The Hairy-Human Curse Incantation: Caesarius hominus Light: burnt umber Effect: causes the victim to grow an abnormal amount of hair all over body for 12 hours Note: This is a somewhat "wizarding" version of hypertrichosis. The Pink Elephants Curse Incantation: Elephas visius Light: dark champagne Effect: causes the victim to hallucinate seeing pink elephants for 6 hours.

The Muscle Rebuilding Spell Incantation: Musculus reconcilio Light: cardinal red Effect: rebuilds atrophied muscles; also self-inflicting. The Tooth Regrowing Spell Incantation: Mordica insurgio Light: orchid Effect: regrows broken and fallen-out teeth; also self-inflicting. Note: Al these spells will be featured in all of my Harry Potter fanfictions, including their crossovers.

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All incantations translated courtesy of Google Translate. My Story Ideas. Note: For those that don't know, technomancy is a term used in science fiction and fantasy that refers to a category of magical abilities that affect technology, or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology. The technomancy idea came to me after watching the trailer of Dr. Strange at the end where Karl Mordo Baron Mordo in the comics gives Strange a note with the "WiFi password" and commenting that they aren't "savages," although I personally would've preferred if he said "neanderthals" instead.

In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, there is a wizarding family that is descended from and related to Godric Gryffindor called the De Lyon family, who were supposedly of French origin. Godric had a great-great granddaughter named Grizelda who married Romanus De Lyon, the then-heir of the family. The De Lyons were Gryffindors themselves while attending school at Hogwarts, and believed that ALL muggle-borns deserved a place in the wizarding world.

Romanus and Grizelda had three sons, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.

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The eldest granddaughter of Romanus and Grizelda later married into the Potter family, therefore making the Potters the only known last descendants of Godric Gryffindor through the female bloodline in Britain. Through Romanus and Grizelda's second-born son, the De Lyon family moved to America, saving the bloodline and family name from extinction, hence continuing in America, but not Britain.

But are forgiving and lenient to those who swore a magical oath that they were actually spies on behalf their governments. In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, there is a French wizarding family that is descended from and related to through marriage to a muggle noble family who ruled a province of France and were inspired by the infamous muggle fairytale of Beauty and the Beast called the Genereaux family.

And on the muggle side, the noble family i. Elric, Evelyn, Joseph, and Marion all attended school at Beauxbatons and the Enchantress would occasionally come to Beauxbatons every now and then to apprentice them in whichever fields of magic they excelled the most in. Evelyn married the then-heir of the Genereaux family years after graduating, thus making the Genereauxs related through marriage to and later descended from the infamous "Beauty and the Beast.

In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes will have made an industry of the Triwizard Tournament into products ranging from toys, dolls, collectables, etc. Fred and George make toys and dolls of the Champions with their permission, stuffed toys cuddly toys in the U. Note: This includes alternate universe stories where Cedric Diggory is alive and well after the Tournament.

In some of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, after Cornelius Fudge is sacked from being Minister for Magic, he will hate both Harry and Dumbledore for him losing his position and blames them both for his "public humiliation" of him being forced to accept that Voldemort had returned along with accepting bribes of filthy lucre i. In all of my Harry Potter fan fiction stories and crossovers, some wizards that are old fashioned like Dumbledore and Mr.

Ollivander will wear "long john" swimsuits that most people usually wore back in the late 19th through early 20th Century while spending their summer vacation s holiday s in the U. The long johns are spangled with crescent moons, stars, and planets instead of stripes. In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, Potter Cottage Harry's birthplace in Godric's Hollow was the original home of the Dumbledore family by the time Dumbledore would've started school at Hogwarts, until years later Dumbledore either sold or gave it to Fleamont and Euphemia Potter Harry's paternal grandparents himself after he became Transfiguration Professor and Deputy Head of Hogwarts.

In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, Hogwarts students that are First and Second Years will be nicknamed baby animals after the respective house symbol s of all four houses. In some of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, where Harry is depicted as being super-powerful and super-smart, his parents are alive and well along with him having a younger brother and sister, Lily and James WON'T be neglectful of him in a "Wrong 'Boy Who Lived'" way. Harry, along with his parents and Dumbledore will be working together on a "game plan" of tracking down any known remains of Voldemort his Horcruxes where they would train Harry's younger brother in order to make a paper trail for Voldemort and his Death Eaters during his eventual return in order to bait Voldemort the wrong way until it's too late for the Dark Lord, even when the corrupt Ministry is in denial of Voldemort's return and are in the pockets along with being stooges of "former" terrorists.

In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, Godric Gryffindor will be supposedly descended from a Norman wizarding family from medieval France. And in a Riordanverse crossover, Gryffindor and his family both ancestors and descendants will be a legacy of Apollo because according to Greek mythology, the griffin is one of Apollo's symbols. Note: Gryffindor is actually a variant of the words griffon d'or , which is French for "golden griffon.

In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, Grigori Rasputin aka Russia's Mad Monk was a student and graduate of Koldovstoretz School, a Russian wizarding school before he became a dark wizard. Note: Koldovstoretz School belongs to Mrs. In all of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, there will be a memorial statue of Dumbledore in the school courtyard of Hogwarts that was built five years after the Battle of Hogwarts and will be mentioned near the end of my stories.

In some of my Harry Potter fanfiction stories and crossovers, where Lily and James are both alive and well after Voldemort's first defeat, James makes amends with Snape from their school rivalry, but their relationship becomes more of a frenemy type.